Fresh Sheep Cheeses

great new ways to snack.

Bellwether Farms has expanded our award-winning sheep cheese lineup with Fresh Sheep Cheeses, available in five flavors: Original, Orange Marmalade, Moroccan Spice, Sonoma Herbs, and Strawberry Preserves.

These cheeses elevate a cheese board and can be the perfect snack with your favorite crusty bread or baguette. They have the creaminess you want from a fresh cheese, but none of the 'goaty' flavor.

FAQ: Why is sheep milk good for me? What is the difference between sheep, goat, and cow milk? Is sheep milk more digestible?

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Available in these flavors.

Fresh Sheep Cheese Sonoma Herbs

Fresh Sheep Cheese Orange Marmalade

Fresh Sheep Cheese Strawberry Preserves

Fresh Sheep Cheese Moroccan Spice

Fresh Sheep Cheese Original