Renowned Team of Testers Chooses Bellwether Farms Two Years in a Row

Petaluma, Calif. June 30, 2022 – Bellwether Farms , a family-owned creamery based in Sonoma County, is honored to announce that its A2 Organic Cow Yogurt has won a spot in the Good Housekeeping 2022 Healthy Snack Awards in the Unique Yogurts category. Bellwether Farms’ A2 Organic Whole Milk Yogurt is made with milk from healthy, grass-fed Jersey cows — the creamiest, most delicious cow milk available. These cows naturally produce milk containing only A2 protein, which is easier for many people to digest. The A2 organic, full-fat yogurt has a sweet-tart taste and lush, creamy texture. In using the highest quality milk from Jersey cows, the yogurt is richer and creamier, without straining, adding thickeners, or cream.

“Good Housekeeping is extremely reputable in the healthy-eating realm, so to be recognized as a winner two years in a row is a huge honor,” says Liam Callahan, owner of Bellwether Farms. “Our emphasis has always been on creating the highest quality products with a unique, delicious taste, and it shows in our A2 Organic Cow Yogurt. Not only does our yogurt boast amazing flavor, it also stands out because of its nutritional and dietary benefits from the A2 protein. Making it on this esteemed list of snacks will certainly encourage people to add this to their shopping cart on their next trip to the grocery store.”

Bellwether Farms A2 Organic Cow Yogurt is available in grocery stores nationwide and on Instacart. For more information, please visit