Can we visit your farm or creamery?

We are a working farm and creamery and do not offer tours at this time. To learn more about our farm be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram and sign up for our newsletter.

What do your sheep eat? Is the feed organic and non-GMO?

Our ewes have year-round access to pasture and open space. They love to graze and rest in the shade of our Eucalyptus trees. However, since California has more than half the year without rain the majority of our ewes diet is alfalfa with a small amount of corn. Currently, we cannot guarantee that our ewes feed is always GMO-free. We are actively working on sourcing as much organic and non-GMO as is economically possible.

Do you shear your sheep and what do you do with the wool?

Yes, we typically shear our sheep twice a year – usually a month before they lamb. We shear around our lambing schedule and therefore the length of the wool is never quite long enough for premium wool sales. We sell the wool to a wool cooperative that markets it for carpeting and other industrial purposes

How much milk do you get from a ewe?

On average we get about 1/2 gallon per day (milking twice a day) from each ewe. This amount is less than a goat and much less than a cow — some breeds can average over 12 gallons a day! This is the main reason sheep milk products are among the most expensive.

What breed of sheep do you have?

Our flock is comprised of East Friesian and Lacaune. The East Friesian sheep are a breed of dairy sheep originating from northern Germany. The Lacaune is a breed of sheep originating from southern France. These are two of the best sheep breeds in terms of milk yield per ewe. Both breeds typically have twins or triplets so lambing time (typically in the Winter) can be a very busy time for us!