Whole is Better

Better techniques and better ingredients make a better experience. This philosophy is part of all we do, from the farm to the table to the community. Our friends feel the same way, whether it’s a farmer, store owner, chef, or you. We all know that Whole is Better.

What’s Your Whole Story?

Since our farmers’ market days, hearing why, when, and how people enjoy our cheese and yogurt has been the best part of our work. Let us hear about you.


I love a cup after a run. It lifts up my energy and sets me up for the next day.

— J.Johnson


I’m so glad you are making sheep yogurt! It is a lifesaver for those of us with cow dairy allergies.

— Katherine


Even if I could eat dairy I would continue with the sheep yogurt. Great taste.

— Claudia L.


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bellwetherfarms Sheep’s Milk Yogurt is one of my go-to quick & easy weekday breakfasts! Topped with chopped nuts, chia & hemp seeds, unsweetened coconut flakes + a drizzle of wyldecreations raw honey.
Since eliminating pasteurized cow dairy from my diet I have experienced HUGE improvements in my digestion, skin, allergies and sinus congestion.
Food sensitivity’s are often an underlying root cause of chronic ailments. I recommend following a 30 day elimination diet + reintroduction protocol to help you to determine which foods may be triggering your symptoms.
Contact me to learn more about how I can help you reset your gut so that you can get you back on track to feeling amazing! Contact info in bio. .
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