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Better techniques and better ingredients make a better experience. This philosophy is part of all we do, from the farm to the table to the community. Our friends feel the same way, whether it’s a farmer, store owner, chef, or you. We all know that Whole is Better.

What’s Your Whole Story?

Since our farmers’ market days, hearing why, when, and how people enjoy our cheese and yogurt has been the best part of our work. Let us hear about you.


I love a cup after a run. It lifts up my energy and sets me up for the next day.

— J.Johnson


I’m so glad you are making sheep yogurt! It is a lifesaver for those of us with cow dairy allergies.

— Katherine


Even if I could eat dairy I would continue with the sheep yogurt. Great taste.

— Claudia L.


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Are you a “who cares about ricotta” person? I was like you once. No really, I was. Ricotta was for cooking and baking and that was about it - why eat ricotta as an actual cheese when there was a world of funk and stank to indulge in? Then, my life changed. Then, I had bellwetherfarms sheep’s milk ricotta. That blank canvas of nothingness that I used to associate with ricotta was GONE - this ricotta was RICH, she was COMPLEX, she had LAYERS. This ricotta is sweet and fluffy with just a hint of animal-y-ness that takes you on a flavor journey. And on a piece of toasted baguette with some homemade lemon curd? Shut the FRONT DOOR.

She’s not always available - this seasonal meringue-like cloud of a cheese is only around in the spring and early summer - but sweetlulabelle has some right NOW. Don’t sleep on your new favorite cheese. She is unassuming, but hot damn is she good.
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I’ve been binge watching Top Chef, catching up on the last few seasons that I missed since Ryeson was born. 

One theme that keeps coming up is that a good dish doesn’t need to be over complicated, it just needs to be true to the creator. 

I can think of 1 million different ways this can apply in the marketing world — I see a lot of marketing campaigns trying to be everything to everyone, which leads to no target audience connecting with the content. 

So go back to what you or your brand is passionate about, and make sure those passions are shared with your audience (if you’re not sure, write them down, and ask your audience via Instagram Stories). 

And remember — if you like a piece of content or a marketing idea and you feel really passionate about it, most likely your audience will also.
We just debuted our last lunch for the season, which will run till October 31. First course - Heirloom Tomato Salad utilizing late season tomatoes from the garden and layered with Bellwether Farms Ricotta, Lemon Cucumber, Tomatillo Sala Verde, Hidden Rose Apple and Shiso Verjus vinaigrette with house made brioche croutons. Paired perfectly with a crispy Chardonnay with structure. Everything but the Ricotta from our garden. Ricotta from a few miles away. Seasonal, local, delicious.  Yum!😋
I don’t know if I’ve shared this with you guys yet, but berry tarts are my FAVORITE dessert! These are so easy to make and taste super fresh. I used Bellwetherfarms whole milk basket ricotta (thanks for sending!) which is soo rich and creamy. Full disclosure - I almost just ate it straight out of the container 🙃 Speaking of the container- it’s actually sold in its original draining basket- which really makes you feel like you’re eating #farmtotable ! I linked their page in my bio so you can try this out for your next berry tarts too! ❤️ #bellwetherfarms #handdippedricotta
The revEWEs are in and we LOVE Bellwether’s new fresh sheep’s cheese! Whether you add it to a cheese board, schmere it on a bagel, or add to sauces and other recipes, this light and creamy cheese is super versatile. Similar to a goat’s milk chèvre in texture but with a milder earthiness and just a hint of tang. (featured in our Cultivate spring issue)


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Looking for a delicious breakfast? These berry cheese danishes are made with our Bonne Maman Preserves and sweet cream cheese from Bellwetherfarms and are truly a beautiful work of art. Recipe below-
New Cheese Alert - we welcome bellwetherfarms this week! Had this amazing toast this morning with their fresh hand dipped, whole milk ricotta, a drizzle of honey and a sprinkle of fresh summer thyme - what a simple summery snack ! Soooo good ! 
What better way to kick off Santa Rosa Turkey Trot than with this picture of Cara? She has run with us for years now and each time shown the spirit of Thanksgiving.

Santa Rosa Turkey Trot. Thanksgiving Day. Old Courthouse Square. Turkey suits welcome, but not required. Let’s put the thanks to downtownsantarosa

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⚡️GIVEAWAY⚡️ Did you know September is #BetterBreakfastMonth? We teamed up with bellwetherfarms and nestfresheggs to upgrade your breakfasts! Follow the rules below to win these ingredients to make your breakfast a better one!⁣
🥓 True Story: 2 packages Kurobuta bacon⁣
🥚 NestFresh: 2 cartons of 6ct heirloom eggs ⁣
🐑 Bellwether: Variety of sheep yogurts⁣
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Pesto, ricotta and toma stuffed squash blossoms, fried in avocado oil until golden brown and drizzled with more fresh pesto! Sign. Me. Up. 🌿
Spring onion and grill shallot ricotta filled #crepes with a fried poached egg. #2022ritzcrushedcrackerscontest #ritzcrackers #bellwetherfarms #ricotta #sonomacounty #sonomavalley #pimentdeville #contest #thegablesinn bellwetherfarms boonvillebarn
🍪🍪It’s almost time for #weekendbaking - and I have a great one for you! Sheep Milk Yogurt Cherry Choco-Chip Skillet Cookie! 🍒🍦Thanks to bellwetherfarms for sending me their great yogurt- I got to replace half the butter in this cookie with sheep milk yogurt! Add some cherries and chocolate chips and top with some sheep milk frozen yogurt, and you’re good to go! If you’re just learning about sheep’s milk- it is super nutritious, and has more protein and vitamins than cow or goat milk- plus it’s easier to digest! If you guys are curious to read more about it- I linked their page in my bio ⬆️ #sheepmilkyogurt #bellwetherfarms
⚡️GIVEAWAY⚡️ Did you know that September is #BetterBreakfastMonth? We teamed up with truestoryfoods and bellwetherfarms to upgrade your breakfasts! Follow the rules below to win these ingredients to make your breakfast a better one!

🥚NestFresh: 2 cartons of 6ct Heirloom eggs
🥓True Story: 2 packages of Kurobuta bacon
🐑Bellwether: Variety of sheep yogurts

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Giveaway closes 9/11 at 11:59pm PST. Must be 18+ and a US resident. This giveaway is not affiliated with Instagram.

Good luck! 💫

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