Plain Cow Milk Yogurt

Cow plain
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Cow plain

Our Organic Whole Cow Milk Yogurt has a sweet-tart taste and lush creamy texture. By using the highest quality milk from Jersey cows, we have created a richer, creamier yogurt, without straining, adding thickeners or cream.

Jersey cow milk naturally has more digestible A2 protein and fat than other cow breeds. When cows eat mostly grass at pasture as these do, the milk is full of even more good fats.

Available In These Sizes

Cow plain 4

3.75 OZ / 4 Pack

Cow plain

3.75 OZ

3.75oz Cow Plain Sleeve

3.75 OZ / 6 Pack

Cow plain 5.3

5.3 OZ

Cow plain 32

32 OZ

Cow plain 5.3 sleeve

32 OZ / 2 Pack Sleeve Plain

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