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Blackstone is made by combining Jersey cow milk and sheep milk to get the best of both worlds – mouthfeel and caramel notes from the cows with a depth of flavor and minerality from the sheep. The hand-rubbed, edible rind and a scattering of peppercorns inside add a nice savoriness. The name Blackstone comes from the rind’s resemblance to volcanic rock outcroppings near our Sonoma farm.


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3rd Place, Mixed Milk Category, American Cheese Society, Denver

Bronze, California Originals Category, CalExpo State Fair

Best in Class, Mixed-milk Cheese, US Championship Cheese Contest, WI

1st Place, American Cheese Society, Des Moines

Gold Medal, CalExpo, State Fair, Sacramento

Pairing Suggestions


Dried figs & apricots, prosciutto; shave over green salad or into pasta


Pinot Noir, Zinfandel, IPA